HQ Facilities

Elim Center International HQ is blessed with three beautiful facilities, all surrounded by serene nature.

The HQ center is currently located at 1605 US Route 11, Kirkwood, NY 13795. Elim is leasing a large part of this facility owned by Olivet University. This facility has a chapel, a cafeteria, a library, and many versatile offices, which allows Elim to effectively conduct various ministries. The property also has a soccer field, small playground, and a parking lot.

In addition, Elim Center uses two housing facilities, which house a limited number of staff and visitors. One is a sisters' house, "Bethany House," located at 150 Ketchum Road, Conklin, NY 13728; it is 15 minutes away from the center by car. The other is a brothers' house, "Bethel House," located at 35 School Avenue, Kirkwood, NY 13795; it is a five minute walk from the center.

Elim facilities provide resident members and visitors with a wonderful prayerful atmosphere. Visit Elim Center to have the spiritual retreat that you have always wanted!

Housing facilities info:

Elim housing facilities(Bethany House and Bethel House) can be available for a limited number of staff members, trainees and visitors, based on their availability. These facilities are more suitable for single persons than couples or families, and the rate is $25/night per person. (We give a special 50% discount to those who currently hold a full-time minister/missionary position.- $12/night per person) For all those who stay for a month, we apply a very special rate: $300/month.

Elim Center General Affairs makes room assignments. In most cases, you will share the room with others. The kitchen, bathrooms, and the living room are shared as well. You might be able to rent a whole room with or without a separate bathroom at a higher rate based on the room availability. The Bethany House has one washer and one dryer; the residents of the Bethel House should visit the Elim Center to use the washer and dryer located inside of the center.

Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and other drugs are prohibited in all the housing facilities.

For making a reservation, or if you have any further questions, please contact the General Affairs Department at Please try to make a reservation three days before your arrival.

Room Details:

Kitchen - Refrigerator, microwave, stove, coffee/tea maker, kitchenware

Bathroom - a hair dryer (Please bring your own toiletries.)

Practical - Iron/ironing board

Comfort – Room heaters, and space heaters upon request

Other - Free WiFi

Bethany House Rules

Bethel House Rules

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