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Poem: A New York State Of Winter

On Jan 03, 2019 11:09 AM EST
NY Winter

Up here in rural New York State,
The winters are harsh and long;
Not an easy place for the faint hearted,
And a challenge for even the hearty and strong.
The nights are long, the days are short.
It's often dark and windy and cold.
The warm bright sun is missed. We feel amiss.

Icy and grey, it's hard to not feel old.
And yet, the winter has a certain beauty.
The new snow is so pretty and pure and white.
It's a joy for the young and the young at heart
To enjoy with laughter and smiles so bright.
To everything there is a season;
A time to work and play, and then to rest.
It's all part of God's plan for all creation.
Winter's made to appreciate time insulated in a warm cozy nest.
Meditate and reflect on the season of Winter.
Know that Spring will again shortly come as we adore
The earth resurrecting , as did our Lord Jesus.
Life's renewal demonstrated. It's what Winter and Spring were made for.
Richard Cerruti   --  January 3,  2019

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